Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge that the Aurora Energy will undertake the following background checks if I am a preferred candidate:

  • eligibility to work in New Zealand
  • referee checks
  • criminal convictions check

I further acknowledge that Aurora Energy may also check tertiary qualifications and credit history, should these be relevant to the role I have applied for.

I agree to the above background checks being undertaken.

I declare that all information provided by me to Aurora Energy, whether verbally or in writing, is true, accurate and complete and is not designed to mislead in any way. I understand and agree that any material misrepresentation or deliberate omission of a fact in my application may lead to my application being unsuccessful, or if employed, termination of my employment.

I understand that this form, together with written material I have supplied and evaluative material including interview notes, will be held confidentially and used only for purposes of this job application.

I will notify Aurora Energy of any future changes to this information during the course of this application process or for my records if I am successful.